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Welcome to Pittville School's website.  I hope you will enjoy finding out more about our wonderful school.   I am very proud of the achievements of all our students both in and out of the classroom. 

This year 85% of our students achieved five or more A*-C grades at GCSE or equivalent, and 54% of students achieved five or more GCSEs or equivalent including English and maths. These are the school’s best ever results. We are delighted that we have seen an improvement in the number of students achieving the highest grades at GCSE.

These continue to be exciting times at Pittville. Teaching and learning continues to be at the heart of the school; we want to continue to develop our curriculum so that it is relevant to students’ needs and aspirations. Data is being used effectively to track progress and engage parents in helping all to succeed. The school environment continues to improve and students feel safe and happy. They are proud of their school and they want to learn. As Ofsted commented in December 2011, “students are proud of the changes they are helping to bring about”. We want to continue to improve so that all our students continue to aspire to achieve their full potential.

Richard Gilpin - Headteacher.

Featured News

Sports Relief 2014 Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Please see below photos from Sports Relief 2014.
Science STEM Fair at All Saints Academy Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Over the past 7 weeks a group of students working on an after school project based around the title 'A mission to Mars'.

The idea of the project was aimed at how we could provide an environment in which man could inhabit Mars in the future. The students have been investigating the effectiveness of different sun creams for protection against the Sun's harmful UV rays, and which sun cream would offer the best protection once on Mars.

The project has involved them carrying out extensive research into what Mars is like as a planet, what UV radiation is and the dangers associated with it as well as how sun creams work and what 'SPF' actually means. They have also used various practical studies to test the protection different sun creams offer.

At the end of this 7 weeks the students were invited to come and present their work at the Triple Science STEM Fair hosted by All Saints Academy. They presented their research and practical findings along with other local schools, including Pates, All Saints Academy, Ninth, Lakers, Gloucester Academy and Barnwood Park. They also got the chance to take part in a Science quiz and work with the Bloodhound SSC team to find out more about the car that will attempt the next land speed record.

Our students, as always were a credit to us, and many people commented on how polite, smart and sociable they were. The highlight of the day was the fact that Pittville School won! The students were given first place for their presentation of their work and they won the Science quiz with a fantastic 35/37. To then top this all off the one group from our school made up of Krishan Diyar, Molly Johnstone, Pearse McGuigan, Xiao Pan, Josie Robinson and Ellie Carruthers, managed to win the award for 'Overall winners of the Science Fair'.

A brilliant day topped off with a fantastic for a lot of hard work and effort.

Year 11 Examination Calendar Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Please follow the link below.  Students have been given their individual examination timetables.

Y11 Examination Calendar 

School Calendar


April 2014 Newsletter Thursday, April 03, 2014


Dear Parents/Carers
It has been a very busy term. I would like to update you on the many events that have taken place. The new term begins on Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

Year 11 Easter Revision
There are a number of revision sessions taking place for Year 11 students during the school holidays. I know that these will be well attended by students. Year 11 students need to keep up the hard work as we move closer to their final examinations this summer.

We continue to work hard as a school to raise the profile of attendance and the link between good attendance and excellent performance at GCSE. It is vitally important that we work in partnership with parents to ensure that our students’ attendance remains high so that they continue to make excellent progress at Pittville.

Japanese Students
On Thursday 6th March 2014 we played host to 36 Japanese students from the Reitaku High School in Tokyo. They were part of a 60 strong party on a visit to England organised by Inlingua of Cheltenham. The Japanese students met their Year 8 and 9 student 'hosts' and were given a tour of the school. They then took part in a question and answer session where both sets of students found out about each other's school and culture. The visiting students then spent two lessons in various faculties to get a taste of what an English school is like. At the end of the day the visitors performed to Year 7 students and their hosts. They did a presentation and sang songs. Students were then able to try various cultural games such as Shuji (Japanese Calligraphy), Origami (paper craft) and Hanetsuki (badminton with wooden paddles and a shuttlecock).

Photography Trip to Bristol
On Tuesday 25th February 2014 our Year 10 photography students went to photograph architecture in Bristol. The trip forms part of their GCSE and allows images to be taken of gritty urban landscapes. The students were given a tour of the waterfront areas, museums and shipping architecture and then were left to their own creative devices. This ‘landscape’ aspect of their coursework forms a part of a range of different skills and genres they will cover over their two year course.

Maths Challenge
Students from Years 9-11 took part in the intermediate maths challenge which is run by the UK Mathematics Trust. The challenge involved answering 25 multiple choice questions in one hour under exam conditions. No calculators are allowed! The top 40% of students nationally receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate. 16 of our students received these awards. Josh Daniel did particularly well (especially as he is still in Year 9) and will be invited to sit the European Kangaroo paper. This is sat by students from 30 countries worldwide. Years 7 and 8 maths set 1 will be able to try the junior challenge in May.

PE Leadership Academy
A number of students attend Leadership Academy Training at Pates Grammar School. The leaders, including our two young ambassadors Abir Ahmed and Brittany Sutton-Page, had a glowing report back after the primary schools badminton coaching. A credit to the school!

Iris Long Talk at Dean Close
Year 11 students recently attended the ‘Iris Long’ talk at Dean Close School by Katie Piper. The ‘Iris Long’ talks are specifically targeted at young people and aim to inspire a new generation to challenge themselves beyond their own expectations. Katie Piper is a television presenter and former model. She had hoped to have a full-time career in the media, but in March 2008 sulphuric acid was thrown in her face. The attack left Katie blinded in one eye. The students found her talk truly inspirational and left many of them in tears. We hope to attend further talks at Dean Close School in the future.

PE Update
The PE department’s ‘Get set to make a Change' group are planning their next inspiring session. They are in the process of planning an event at a local nursery school and will be sending the message to 3-5 year olds about what is healthy and what is not. The session will involve an interactive presentation and healthy sandwich making with the children. The Btec Sports students have been busy this term planning and leading their activities too. These events are part of their coursework and they have been extremely successful. Some of the events that they have undertaken are a two week table tennis club for Years 7 and 8, a primary school training session and games, a house tag-rugby competition for Years 9 and 10 and a staff house netball match.

Summer Uniform
The summer polo shirts are now available to purchase from ‘Schooltogs’. They cost £7.50 for ages 11-15 and £9.95 for small, medium and large. They can be worn after the Easter holidays.

Schools’ Drama Festival
On Wednesday 26th February 2014, 10 Year 7 students took part in the Schools’ Drama Festival held at The Bacon Theatre. Students performed Alice in Wonderland alongside 5 local schools. Each school performed a 15 minute extract which when joined together told the whole story. The students had been rehearsing in a 20 minute slot during their lunchtimes and worked really hard to learn their lines and create their scene. Our scene was the final one, there was a lot of pressure to live up to. Pittville students didn’t disappoint. The organiser commented on how high the standard was and that she was surprised that our students were only Year 7. We are looking forward to taking part again next year when a Key Stage 3 Festival is planned.

Poetry Live
On 7th March 2014, the English department took 36 Year 10 and 11 students to Westminster Central Hall for the National Poetry Live event. Students had a fantastic day watching their favourite poets perform and recite their work. Some world famous poets, such as Simon Armitage, John Agard and Carol Ann Duffy, really got the students engaged and gave them some valuable advice regarding the English exam that Year 11 will be sitting in May. They had the opportunity to ask questions and listen to the poets’ own take on their poems as well. Students also got to hear the chief examiner for English Literature give some guidance regarding the exam. This was a wonderful and inspirational day, which all students thoroughly enjoyed and found useful heading towards their exams.

Geography Fieldtrip
On 11th March 2014 the geography department took a group of Year 7 students to the Playhouse Theatre. They participated in several river based workshops based on a ‘Love Your River Chelt’ project with the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. These interactive workshops culminated in the students staging a presentation of their ideas to the remainder of Year 7.

Art Department Visit to Glenfall Primary School
Miss Addison was delighted to visit Year 5 students at Glenfall Primary School. The students at Glenfall had been working on a project based around Cheltenham and their local area. Miss Addison and the students worked on creating mixed media collages using maps, text and creating drawing based on local landmarks. The work produced by the Year 5 students was of a fantastic quality and we look forward to working with them again.

Young Writers ‘Poetry Games 2014’ Competition
Pittville School recently entered the Poetry Games 2014 competition. 18 students have been successful and now have the opportunity of having their poems published within a special anthology. A copy of the book “The Poetry Games” will be sent to the British Library and further libraries across the UK providing a lasting record of their achievement. Pittville School will receive a copy of the book which is scheduled for publication on 30th June 2014. This is a great achievement and something that we and the students are very proud of.

By Design
On Friday 21st March 2014, a company called ‘By Design’ came into school to work with the whole of Year 9 on a series of workshops entitled ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers’. The aim of the day was to raise awareness about the wide range of careers in engineering enabling students to make informed choices about their future. The day ran very smoothly and students and staff thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the activities and learned a lot about engineers and careers in engineering. The presenters commented on the good behaviour and enthusiasm of the students.

Go Karting
Pittville recently finished a series of 6 timed races with a crew of three in a gallant 4th place. An amazing achievement as the other three teams were all sixth formers with karting experience. A great win for Robbie Ede who won the fifth race in style – flag to flag! Shaq Marks worked his magic and zoomed from 4th to 2nd in the third race! A great display by Pittville; wonderful behaviour, competitive spirit and team work! Well done Robbie Ede, Shaq Marks and Jason Welby!

Science Fair
Over the past 7 weeks a group of students have been working on an after school project based around the title 'A mission to Mars'. The idea of the project was aimed at how we could provide an environment in which man could inhabit Mars in the future. The students have been investigating the effectiveness of different sun creams for protection against the Sun's harmful UV rays, and which sun cream would offer the best protection once on Mars. The students were invited to present their work at the Triple Science STEM Fair hosted by All Saints Academy. The highlight of the day was the fact that Pittville School won! The students were given first place for their presentation of their work and they won the Science quiz with a fantastic 35/37. To then top this all off the one group from our school made up of Krishan Diyar, Molly Johnstone, Pearse McGuigan, Xiao Pan, Josie Robinson and Ellie Carruthers, managed to win the award for 'Overall winners of the Science Fair'. A brilliant day topped off with a fantastic result for a lot of hard work and effort.

Dance Gala - ‘Dance through the ages’
This year’s dance gala was a huge success with over 90 students from Years 7 – 11 taking part. The dancers put on a fabulous show full of energy and entertainment. We saw many dance styles from Shaq Marks and George Mubayiwa’s street routine to a beautiful ballet performance by Lauren-Summer Cresswell. Thank you to all the staff, students, the PTFA and parents for their support with the night. We are already looking forward to next year’s show!

Abbott House
It has been another busy term for Abbott House. Abbott House was well represented at the PTFA annual quiz by a large team of students and staff. Miss Underhill, Miss Guinan and Miss Addison represented the staff. A really enjoyable evening was had by all, and although Abbott did not win, we were happy with our position and pleased to be able to support the PTFA. Abbott House also held their own fantastic fundraising event. Miss Guinan organised a ‘zumbathon’ in the hall. Students from every year group attended as well as some staff, all of whom paid £1 to enter which will be donated to ‘Sugarloaf’, Abbott's chosen charity. The event was a fantastic success.

Aston House
Since the Christmas break lots of things have taken place in Aston House. The highlight was the Valentine’s Day “Last Rolo” event being organised by 9as1 and 9as2, which caused much amusement and laughter and managed to raise over £50 for our house charity, The Aston Project. Following on from this event, two local police officers came into a house assembly to collect the cheque and speak about where the monies will go and the great work the Aston Project does. The next main highlight of the term was the PTFA quiz, where Aston fielded a house team of staff and students. Although we did not win, it was a very enjoyable evening and I must say thank you to all the Aston students who attended and rescued Miss Davis and Mr Watkins from embarrassment in many of the rounds! We hope you all have a lovely relaxing Easter holidays.

Livingstone House
The PTFA quiz evening on 7th February 2014 proved to be a fun and very competitive time for all houses. From ‘picture rounds’ and ‘guess the objects’ to ‘music from days gone by’. The evening built up into a tightly fought contest. Aston and Abbott Houses began to feel the pressure as the evening progressed (the youth in their teams proving a disadvantage in some rounds!!). I am proud to report that the Livingstone quiz team came out on top in our mini-house competition, finishing 4th overall. On behalf of Livingstone house I would like to thank all the children who got involved, Mr Poole for his contribution to our house answers (some were wrong!!) and of course Mr Edwards and Mrs Hawling for organising the event. On Thursday 13th March 2014, students from Livingstone and Abbott joined together to make cakes for Livingstone’s cake sale on Friday. Mrs Brookes helped us to create over 60 cakes to sell and she personally decorated the cakes to provide a homemade feel. On Friday, Livingstone students from Years 11 and 8 ran the cake stand in the school canteen and managed to make a whopping £52 for the Gloucestershire Air Ambulance - a very worthwhile charity. It was an enjoyable 2 days for everyone.

Dunalley University
At the beginning of the academic year Dunalley Primary School launched ‘Dunalley University’. On Friday 21st March 2014 we were very pleased to play host to their graduation ceremony. The initiative aims to extend the experience of their children and open up a wider range of opportunities where children can succeed. 180 children from Dunalley visited Pittville School and celebrated their achievements. We were delighted that over 100 Dunalley parents were also able to attend. We hope that this will become a regular event.

French Trip to Annecy
16 of our students are currently in Annecy, France. They are spending time in a French school and taking part in many other cultural activities. A full report will be in the next newsletter.

Staff Goodbyes
We say goodbye to Miss Purnell from the Performing Arts Department. We would like to thank her for all her hard work and wish her all the best for the future.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and would like to wish everyone a happy Easter break. See you next term.

Mr Gilpin

February 2014 Newsletter Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Dear Parents/Carers

As we approach February half term I would like to update you on what has been happening and to inform you of some future events.

Please follow us on ‘Twitter’ @PittvilleSchool. We are using this method of communication more and more to get important messages out to the community.

Year 11 Attendance
For the attention of all year 11 parents/carers
When we return after half term, year 11 students have less than 50 teaching days before their summer exams begin. Excellent attendance is vital if they are to succeed in these exams. Please support us to support the students.

Year 11 Study Support
A revision timetable for Year 11 has been sent home. A copy is available on the website. Please can this be checked carefully as it is essential that students attend the revision sessions set for the February holidays.

Year 11 interviews
Year 11 students are in the middle of their interviews for 6th form places. We wish them the best of luck for their interviews.

Early Entry Maths Results
Pittville students enjoyed some early GCSE success. 80 students in year 11 have already achieved an A*-C in their GCSE maths. Well done to those students on achieving this before the summer.

Year 7 Literacy Week
Year 7 Literacy Week involved students completing a 10-15 minute literacy based starter activity at the beginning of every lesson. Students raced against the clock in maths where they had 'dictionary races’. They revised the use of the apostrophe in French and wrote detailed paragraphs about their Science equipment! Students were engaged and interested and were able to see how literacy is relevant in all subjects. A success!

InfoBuzz aims to promote positive change in the lives of young people through providing individual support around drugs & emotional health issues, learning opportunities for groups focusing on the development of personal & social skills, and information & support around substance misuse. They are an educational charity that work with young people and liaise with schools by offering workshops for PSHE based themes. This year, we were lucky enough to be one of several schools in the county to take part in a workshop called "Is there anybody out there?" which involved a performance from 6th Form Theatre Studies students from Farmor’s School and a feedback and discussion session. Students found this an informative and engaging way to explore a subject that is often left un-addressed.

Martin Horwood MP
On Friday 17th January 2014 all the MP's in Pittville Parliament were lucky enough to meet MP Martin Horwood. Mr Horwood came in to tell the Pittville MP's all about his role as an MP and what it entails. He then offered to answer questions from the students. Mr Horwood commented on how impressed he was with the students he met. Pittville Parliament would like to thank Mr Horwood for coming in to visit them!

Poetry Slam
On 5th February 2014, year 8 spent a whole poetry-packed day with Birmingham’s Poet Laureate, Giovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito. In the morning the students created their own poems about chocolate and competed in a group Poetry Slam against each other in the afternoon. The atmosphere was electric as the winning group was announced and this group will now compete against other schools at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival on the 25th March 2014. The students had an exciting day. Tickets can be purchased from the Town Hall box office on 0844 576 2210 or via the festival website at priced at £5.00 adults and £3.00 concessions.

Year 10 Trip to University of Gloucestershire
A group of Year 10 students attended the University of Gloucestershire Higher Education Aspiration Road Show at Francis Close Hall. They took part in three workshops with the aim to inspire and raise aspirations.

PTFA Quiz Night – 7th February 2014
Our Parent, Teacher and Friends Association ran a very successful quiz night recently, at which about 100 adults and students enjoyed themselves. Some teams were representing their school houses to gain points, and some were just there to have fun. The P.T.F.A. served home-made soup with crusty bread, and there was a tuck shop, bar and raffle. The scoring was very close all the way through, but the eventual winners were a team compiled of both parents and students. There was a lot of positive feed-back from the competitors, and the evening raised between £400 and £500 for the school. Pittville School P.T.F.A. run regular fund-raising events to help the school, and have a lot of fun in the process. If you would like to know more about our P.T.F.A., please contact us at , or come to our next meeting on Tuesday 4th March 2014 7.00pm at The Strand pub.

Summer Uniform
Students are able to wear their Pittville polo shirt from Easter 2014. Only polo shirts with the Pittville School logo are allowed, not plain white polo shirts. Students are still expected to wear their blazer with the polo shirt. Polo shirts are available from ‘School Togs’.

Flying Start Project
A group of year 7 students have taken part in a STEM activity at Dowty Aerospace on 12th February 2014. The activity required the students to design and build a self-propelled glider. Participants were then invited to take part in a ‘Fly Off’ competition.

PE report
Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 girls have played 50 netball, hockey and football fixtures since September. The girls have done fantastically well winning 28 out of 50, giving us a 56% win rate. Notable wins have come from the year 7 netball team who have beaten Winchcombe, Cleeve, All Saints Academy and St Edwards and from the year 9 girls’ football team who are undefeated for the third year in a row in the Cheltenham League! Our years 7, 8 and 9 netball teams have beaten Bournside and the year 9 netball team also had a great 18-2 victory over St Edwards. Outstanding results! Well done girls!

Unfortunately, most of the boys’ fixtures have been postponed due to the bad weather. These fixtures will be rearranged as soon as we are able! On a positive note, 45 boys from years 7, 8 and 9 have been regularly turning up on Monday nights for football training.

Next Term

27th February 2014 Iris Long talks at Dean Close for Year 11
3rd March 2014 Bournside 6th Form interviews
4th March 2014 GlosCol interviews
6th March 2014 Japanese students visiting
11th – 13th March 2014 Y11 mock exams
19th March 2014 Year 11 C/D Borderline Evening
20th March 2014 Pittville’s Got Talent
4th April 2014 Inservice Day – school closed to students

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